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DOM templating made natural


Source code

The source code for ist.js is accessible on GitHub. The master branch contains the latest released (and hopefully stable) version, while the devel branch features the latest developments but may be unstable.

You can also directly grab the source code as a zip archive or a tar.gz archive.


Installing build dependencies

You will need make, nodejs and npm to build or test ist.js. Just clone the repository or download a source tarball, and run npm install from the repository root to install build dependencies. The following dependencies are installed:


Run make from the repository root to build both ist.js and the minified version. You can also run make ist or make ist-min to only build one version at a time. Output files are created in the repository root.


ist.js includes a thorough test suite which uses Karma and Jasmine. There are two ways to run the test suite from a local repository clone:


ist.js builds are tested automatically on Travis with Sauce Labs.

Build Status

Selenium Test Status


Don't hesitate to report bugs on GitHub, even the little hitches do matter. You can also fork ist.js and send me pull requests. Also please feel free to contact me as @njoyard on twitter.