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ist.js v0.5.5 released - new documentation online

06 December 2012 permalink

I've been rewriting the documentation for a while and it is finally online. I think it is a lot clearer now, but do not hesitate to contact me if you have any remark or question.

Additionnaly, ist.js version 0.5.5 has just been released. Several bugs have been fixed (see the changelog for more details), rendering performance has been improved a bit and two new features are available. First, a new built-in @eachkey directive is available to enumerate objects. Here is an example of how to use it; more information is available in the documentation.

    @eachkey myObject
        dt "{{ key }}"
        dd "{{ value }}"

The other new feature enables setting event handlers directly in templates. The syntax is close to attribute/property qualifiers; the main difference is that the value after the equal sign must be a valid ist.js expression (without curly braces), which should of course return a function. Say you have an array named menu in your rendering context object, where each item has a label property and an associated handler function named handler, you could use a template like this one:

    @each menu
        li[!click=handler] "{{ label }}"

I'm not entirely satisfied with this syntax; I could as well have used a new built-in directive but I still find the square brackets less clumsy. Naturally I'm open to feedback on this point.